Friday, June 6, 2008

Lions & Tigers & Bears Oh My!!!

The other day we took the kids to Hogle Zoo. Avery of course loved every minute of it. She knew how to say all the animals names except crocodile she wasn't quite sure about that one. Mikey of course has been to the zoo on more then one occasion, so he just sat back in his wagon and chilled. The highlight of the zoo for him is usually the train ride, but the train was closed that day. I told him he can go with Aunt Lees another time, and he seemed to cheer up after that (he loves Aunt Lees.) It was such a fun and exciting day I hope we get to go at least one more time this year.
I could never get a good picture of them. If one looks the other one doesn't. Oh well.
Avery loved the elephants!! Mikey wouldn't get in the picture, because he said his feet were hurting. Lately that has been his excuse for everything.
Mike was such a good sport to come with us even though he wasn't feeling good, but he still had fun with the kids.
The zoo just got this new attraction of a white alligator. I thought I got it in this picture with the kids, but I don't see it.
You can't see it very well, but in the background is a big black bear. Avery would say "Come here bear, come here please." It was so cute.
This is pretty much how Mikey spent the day, Chilln in the wagon.


Katy said...

Cute pictures!! We didn't get a chance to see the while alligator when we went...the line was too long!! I bet it is in the is just camouflaged!! :P

Chastain Family said...

That's too funny your dad and Mikey like the weather channel. I didn't get any good pictures, it was much too dark, but I did get a video of the lightening lighting up my neighborhood. I'll have to upload that so you can show him!

Fausett Family Facts said...

What a fun trip to the Zoo. I remember taking my kids there with all their cousins. Mom stayed on the grass with the babies. Your kids are so cute! Can't wait to see them this summer.

Katie L. said...

How fun! You should have let Mike ride in the wagon since he wasn't feeling good...Ha! That would have been a picture!

The Bringhurst's said...

That looks fun, I haven't had the chance to take my kids up yet. Maybe soon.