Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Learning the Ropes!

I finally decided to set up a blog. When I told Mike I was going to do it he asked how much it was going to cost. Ha Ha! I don't really know what I'm doing so be patient. When I figure out how to do this I will post some updated pictures since the one of our family is of Avery's Blessing Day in 2006.


Katie L. said...

Britt! I am so happy that you have a blog! I hope that we can keep up with each other now because I have always wondered what you are up to now! Your family is so cute!

Taking it Higher said...

hey, i got you added to the class blog. i am glad you found us and marie found you! Keep visiting and send other our way

Marie n Lini +5 said...

Dang I've been lookin' for ya for a while, just to see how you are doin' and where you're livin' at these days?
I'm glad your Aunt gave you my message and I'm glad I got you to set up a blog...!!
Dang gurl...your fam is growing, and is so beautiful!
I hope we can still be the good friends we were and start catchin' up on the lost time?
Keep in touch Britt...don't be a stranger! k
I've added you to my list!
Love ya
Marie(Makai) :P

Fausett Family Facts said...

Yea, I am so glad you started a blog. Now I will only have to bug your dad for info on 3 kids. I love how Mike asked how much it was going to cost, that sounds just like something Pete would say. Love you!