Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

So I know Independence Day was last week, but I figure better late then never. We had a great day. We went down to Nana's House(Mike's Grandma)in Mt. Pleasant to watch the annual parade. I always thought that there couldn't be a bigger hick town then Spanish Fork, but I was so wrong. After the parade Mike's family came back to our house to BBQ, and to let the little kids nap. Before we had kids Mike and I always went to the Stadium of Fire, but now we just sit outside the stadium and let the kids run around and do fireworks(not at the same time of course). It was so nice to relax and spend the day with my family. I am so grateful for the freedom that we have, and for the wonderful Men and Women who are still fighting for it.
Mikey, Avery & their cousins before the parade.
Avery chowing down on good old parade candy.
Mikey is so funny he pretty much sat in his chair eating his burrito during the parade. The only thing to get him out of his chair was the sound of the police sirens(Yes my son loves police cars)
Avery was so happy to go pick up candy with her dad. I think she was so excited because she knew that it was hers and nobody could take it from her(except maybe her brother)
What a handsome boy!!
I was surprised that Avery wasn't scared of holding the sparklers. She loved watching it glow and sparkle.
Avery and her Grandpa. So Sweet!!!
When Avery wasn't doing fireworks she was sitting on someones lap. My poor little bug didn't feel very good, but she was such a trooper all day.
Two peas in a pod.